Kristen Correia, Co-Owner
ACE-Certified Personal Trainer

Jennifer Edwards, Co-Owner
ACE-Certified Personal Trainer
Melisssa Kirdzik
Melisssa Kirdzik MS, RD, LDN
Registered Dietitian

Renaissance Fitness Studio and Wellness Center

Awarded Newport Life-Best of Newport 2011

Renaissance Fitness Studio and Wellness Center provides a unique opportunity for individuals, couples and groups to experience the one of a kind fitness and wellness facility in trendy Newport, Rhode Island.

We are a day to day fitness and wellness studio offering a multitude of wellness.

With our signature intensive thirty minute personal training sessions based on your fitness level, we create individual training sessions based on your needs. In addition to the daily workouts, we also offer Massage Therapy, eflexology and Facials.

Capitalizing on relaxing all your systems, try our Reflexology sessions, Instant Radiance Oxygen Facial or Organic Tanning. Proudly, we have an in-house dietitian Melissa Kirdzik of Eat to Live ready to compliment the fitness and nutrition aspect of wellness.

Our goal is to assess each individual at their fitness level and assist them in creating a personal training and nutrition program.

This formula will not only satisfy the immediate goals but promote life style changes to enhance their quality of life from this day forward. We strive to totally focus on you as our first priority.

As your nationally certified personal trainer and owner, Paul S. Manning, AFAA Certified Biggest Loser®Pro, we offer a whole approach to fitness, nutrition and wellness and feel my team is the best qualified to meet those needs! Remember- It's not fitness, it's life ...

Now offering online personal training via Skype® right in the privacy of your own home.